Blog 9: Message from Holland

Dear class of Mr G. Your cards arrived savely in Holland! They flew over the Atlantic ocean from Boston to Amsterdam to their new owners.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor afbeelding vliegtuig over atlantische oceaan

I already gave the cards to ten students in the class I teach on thursday. Six cards have to wait some time because they go to kids in the class on wednesday and friday. I hope you don’t mind.

These are the cards that still have to be delivered

Blog 8: Mr G’s class


This is Mr G. He teaches grade 3 ( grade 5 in the Netherlands). His children would like to introduce themselves to you. Here they are!

Hello my name is Sylvia.The name of our school is the Arthur D Healey school but we just call it the Healey.I am in third grade.My class is small it only has 13 kids.


The picture above is a picture of Alexis and I. I am on the right and Alexis is on the left. Goodbye! Sylvia

Hello, my name is Atticus. I live with my dad and my mom. I love drawing with children in my group. My father wouldn’t last in Amsterdam for 5 minutes because he hates cheese.  Every boy in my class (except  me) is addicted to Beef Jerky.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor beef jerky

Hi, my name is Harlan. The name of my school is Arthur D Healey. There are 13 children in my class. How many children are in your class? Do you celebrate Halloween? Which  holidays do you celebrate?
Sincerely yours Harlan

My name is Alexis. I live with my father, mother and sister. My hobby’s are judo (a sport where you learn to defend yourself) and writing. On the picture below you see my bento box (it is a box for lunch).


My name is Liam. I love to draw with Atticus. My best friends are Emmett, Harlan, Atticus and Anthony. On the picture Emmett is left, than Atticus, me, Anthony and Harlan.


Hi I am Emmett I am in 3rd . My teacher is Mr. G.  My  favorite sport is baseball.
I have two siblings , Simon is 14 Helena is 11, I am 9 years old. my favorite food is chicken wings. I like to play  on my Wii. I like to play with Lego.   Afbeeldingsresultaat voor red sox

Blog 7: Our teacher

Dear students and teachers from the Arthur D Healeyschool,

My name is Merel Koeman and I am a teacher in elementary school in Amsterdam-Holland. Merel means ‘blackbird’ in English. It is quite a common name in the Netherlands. Do you name people after birds in the US?

In 8 days I will visit your school and I am very excited about it! I hope and think I will learn a lot during my visit. I hope to bring new ideas and lessons into my own classroom. You can also help me to improve my English.


On the picture you see me at ‘De Zaanse Schans’ some years ago. De Zaanse Schans is an old Dutch village with wooden houses and windmills. It is 20 kilometers from Amsterdam. Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands. I work and live in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam is a beautiful old city famous for its canals and canalhouses. Maybe you know the famous Dutch painters Vincent van Gogh and Rembrandt van Rijn? You can see many of their paintings in Amsterdam.

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I am a teacher since 1995. I think I became a teacher because I loved my Elementery school. I never forget mister Edwin, my teacher in 4th grade.  He went to Russia in 1978 and showed us pictures and told us stories about his adventures. Because of him I visited Russia twice when I was a student. I even wanted to study the Russian language!

At the moment I teach three different groups with students from three different schools. They are 7-12 years old. Some of the children have already told you: We work  on a project of the US. We find it very interesting. We also practiced our English. All the children wrote you a card. I am looking forward to give them to you next week.

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If you have questions, please feel free to ask.

Blog 6: IJburg

Hi guys,
We are Liv, Bibi and Fiene and today we write a blog. We are going to talk about the place where we live: IJburg- Amsterdam. We hope you enjoy reading.

IJburg is a new neighborhood. First there was water, then they made new land. In fact thay made new islands. So we live  on an island. They are still making new islands and
building new houses.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor nieuw ijburg 2

We live in the orange area. The red area does not excist yet. At the moment IJburg has 16.000 inhabitants (6000 children). There will be many more after the red islands are finished. There are 14 elementary schools on IJburg.

Blog 5: Typical Dutch

Today we are going to show you some typical dutch things like cheese and bikes.

In the Netherlands we have many bikes. We have 17 million people and 19 million bikes!
Where we live,  in Amsterdam, there are  about 900.000 bikes . I Oliver, have 6 bikes in my house and I Mas also have 6 bikes. They are afcourse also from our family.

Afbeeldingsresultaten voor fietsenstalling centraal station
Bicycle storage at Central Station Amsterdam

Here in Holland we have a lot of cheese like Gouda cheese, old cheese and young cheese. There are a lot of cheese shops. As you can see Dutch people love cheese.

Afbeeldingsresultaten voor alkmaar kaasmarkt
Cheesemarket in Alkmaar

In the Netherlands we have many  windmills.A long time ago we used windmills for grinding grain for bread. Now we have factories for grinding the grain. But the windmills just stay in their place and they don’t get removed.

Blog 4: Evi and Does

Hello my name is Evi.
How are you?
I am fine.
I am 7 years old.
My hobby is: tennis and baseball.
I have a question for you: At what time does school start and end every day?
Best regards Evi

Evi and Does

Hello my name is Does,
I am 9 years old.
I am going to tell you about my  leisere time.
I like to play soccer with my friends.
I play soccer  in the boys team ten years old 1.
My hobby is to play hide and seek with my friends.
My friend is the seeker and all other players hide.
We play hide and seek everywhere.
My favorite instrument is the  guitar.
What kind of grades do you have?
Greetings Does.

Blog 3: Stein about the Dutch schoolsystem

Hey! My name is Stein. I am eleven years old. Every week I go to a special class on Fridaymorning. This year I am not in the same group as Oliver.

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I am going to tell you something about the schoolsystem in the Netherlands. When you are 4 years old you go to  elementary school. In elementary school we have eight grades and each grade takes one year. That means you leave elementary school when you are twelve years old.  After elementary school we go to high school. High school has diffrent levels:

VWO – HAVO  – VMBO T – VMBO K  & practial education.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor basisschool nederland